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High-quality and stylish annotations for your products. Super flexible yet compact library for professional presentation of your design.

4 compact frames with components & variants

You spend hours, days, and weeks polishing and balancing your product UI perfectly. Don't let this time just get lost without a trace. Present all the nuances of your work like a pro to make it obvious and exciting even to “untrained” eyes.

3 styles of highly flexible Dimension components & variants

This library differs from others in its incredible attention to visual details, compactness and flexibility, thoughtful organization of components, as well as overall cleanliness both on the canvas and in the layers panel.

Details that matter

  • Made from the ground up exclusively for Figma
  • Full Auto Layout support combined with free resizing for each core component
  • Huge attention to the visual details of the components themselves — these are probably the most beautiful redlines you can find
  • All components are organized on a single page, making it easy to embed the entire library into any file
  • Hybrid structure with component tree and variants that can be easily customized and expanded without compromising on library compactness
  • All components are perfectly aligned on the 4/8px grid
  • 1px extension lines are perfectly aligned on the pixel grid and stay sharp even on non-retina displays
  • 3 styles of the main Dimension component to choose from, each of them includes 8 nested variants for detailed positioning
  • Quickly switch between the styles of the Dimension component, enable / disable extension lines, and change the position of the label with the size, just 1-2 clicks
  • Fast bulk color change in a couple of clicks for any components thanks to their simple monochrome style
  • Additional 10 variants for Arrows with the same flexible customization of their appearance
  • Additional 8 variants for Tooltips component for compact notes on dark and light themes

3 frames with auxiliary components & variants

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Anron Redlines | Figma Library

5 ratings
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