Anron Icons | Free Demo

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Anron Icons | Free Demo

Anton Lapko
82 ratings

ā¤ļøā€šŸ”„ Massive update. Variants, new style, simplified icon structure, new categories, new icons, major website updates, and more. Check out the changelog for more details.

Fully customizable icon pack for professional web and mobile interfaces. Easily change the stroke weight, corner radius, or path of any icon in seconds. Without Adobe, right inside Figma.

600 icons / 6 styles Ɨ 2 themes organized with Variants. In addition to the original Figma file, you also get an organized IconJar library as well as a clean SVG library. This demo also includes a full preview of all the 5,000+ icons.

Features Overview

  • Created in Figma from scratch and with love
  • 600+ icons / 6 flexible styles, 24px grid
  • Variable stroke, elegant 1.5px by default
  • Variable smooth corners
  • Fast switching between icon styles using Variants
  • Clean search results showing only Line icon style
  • Flat and consistent icon structure powered by Vector Networks
  • Saving color & stroke overrides when switching between icons
  • Saving icon style when switching via the Instance menu
  • Bulk switching between icon styles (try Variant Switcher)
  • Bulk editing of stroke & corners (select with Similayer)
  • Fast library loading, whole package weight as 1 track on Spotify
  • Most of the vector points in paths are set exactly on the grid
  • Different scaling results with Move Tool (V) or Scale Tool (K)
  • Flat SVG output with minimum number of layers
  • Well-organized IconJar library
  • Free lifetime updates

Unlock access to all the 5,000+ icons.

Get the full pack ->

Website ā€¢ FAQ ā€¢ Changelog ā€¢ Contact

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Get this free super flexible Figma-first pack for personal and commercial projects

Line, Gestalt, Duocolor, Duotone, Filled, Mono
Variable live stroke
Variable smooth corners
Dark & light theme
Organized Figma library
Organized IconJar library
Clean SVG library


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